Three Potential Source Of Damage To Your New Art

Investing in original works of modern art for sale can be one of the most effective options for helping your interior decorations to be unique. Due to the sizable costs involved with buying these works, you should be sure that you understand what some of the more probable threats will be so that the appropriate preventative actions can be taken.


Moisture is one of the most damaging materials that can get on the painting. When moisture is allowed in direct contact with the paints or the canvas, it can cause rot to develop. Eventually, this rot will spread across much of the work of art as it can be almost impossible to prevent. Avoiding these sources of damage for your painting will require you to store these items in the driest area possible. If you live in an area with high humidity levels year round, you should invest in a dehumidifier that can be placed in the room where you plan on storing these paintings.


In addition to minimizing the amount of moisture that can come into contact with the piece of art, it is important to also limit the direct sunlight that the painting receives. The intense energy from the sun's light can break down the pigments that give the painting its unique appearance. Due to this hazard, you should position your paintings so that they avoid direct sunlight from these windows whenever possible. You may also be able to provide protection against this type of damage from the sun's light by installing specially designed filters. These filters will be able to block the most damaging rays of light, but this will only be possible if the tint is correctly installed. An incorrectly installed tint may fail to provide the windows with comprehensive protection against this type of damage. Therefore, you may want to leave installing the tint to a professional glass service.


Another type of issues that can plague your framed pieces of art will be the pests that may be found throughout your home. These pests can cause serious damage to these pieces of art by either chewing along the edges of the painting or leaving discoloring droppings on it. Prior to placing your painting in the storage area, you will want to thorough treat this space with intestines so that there is enough time for these treatments to fully dry. Also, you will want to regularly apply these treatments at least once a month.

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